Integrated Finance’s Worthy Reads Nov 5th 2012 Edition

Welcome to the November 5, 2012 edition of integrated finance carnival. Thank you all for all the entries this week. Please take your time to click through to the recommended articles for this edition.


Ralph Ferro presents Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Propose Recovery for Homeowners in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, saying, “The plan under review by the Federal Housing Finance Agency would call for the mortgage financing companies to allow bankrupt homeowners who owe more on their housing debt than their homes are worth to pay zero per cent interest for five years”

MaryLou Walston presents I Just Filed Bankruptcy, Now What? |, saying, “Bankruptcy can be a helpless time in a consumer’s life. The stigma attached to bankruptcy is that you lose everything and cannot get credit for 10 or more years. The truth about bankruptcy is a little more consumer-friendly but still pretty intimidating.”


Maria Clark presents YouTube Credit Inspiration: How to Overcome Credit Card Debt, saying, “You may think there’s absolutely no way you’re going make it out of the consuming black hole called credit card debt, but that simply isn’t true. There is a lot of advice to be found online that can put you on the right track to overcoming your debt. Here are a few stories from people who have found themselves in credit card debt and what they did to pay it all off.”

Dave Leonard presents How Credit Card Debt Affects Your Auto Insurance Rates, saying, “This article talks about how Debt can affect the rate of your auto insurance. Your debt record is more important than your driving record.”

Amy Gardner presents Most Important Credit Card Rewards for Small Businesses, saying, “As we all know from the commercials, there are a wide variety of rewards available from credit cards. Credit cards that provide awards can be a huge boost to a small business that pays off its cards during the grace period so that it avoids the interest costs.”


Steve presents How long should you keep your tax documents?, saying, “Your tax documents are very important documents that you may need to refer to way after the time you actually file your return.”


Dorothy presents How Long Will Credit Problems Stay On My Credit Report?, saying, “By now, you should already know what a credit report is and how important that information can be for your finances. You should already be checking your credit report at least once a year to make sure that there are no mistakes or outdated information affecting your credit score.”

Azra Panjwani presents Protect Yourself from Debt After Death, saying, “Many debt collection agencies are now going after the loved ones of the deceased who had debt. This article outlines this situation and how to deal with it.”

Laura Edgar presents Chase Slate: The Cure for the Common Debt?, saying, “From the intro: “Equipped with the Chase Blueprint program, the Chase Slate claims to be one of the best in the low-interest arena. But is it really the top card to pay down your debts without being slammed with high interest? It’s a close call, but we think we have something a little better than the upstart Slate from Chase.””


Jill Thompson presents Why Leasing a Car is a Terrible Financial Decision, saying, “There is a lot of advice available online about leasing a car. Some say that it is fine under certain circumstances, but most of this advice says to steer clear of leasing. The frustrating part is that many of these critics don’t say why leasing a car is such a bad idea.”

Dividend Growth Investor presents How to create a bulletproof dividend portfolio, saying, “Investors who plan on living off their assets in retirement face several risks. The risks include inflation, longevity risks, extreme market conditions and liquidity. By creating a diversified dividend portfolio however, investors could not only address these risks, but have a very good odds of achieving a rising stream of dividend income, which means that they would never have to dip into principal to finance their retirement.”

Chelsea Prescotti presents Top 10 Things You Should Never Buy New, saying, “Shiny new toys are always nice to have, even as an adult. While those nifty new items might feel good, they are not always a wise choice. When it comes to new versus used, the following ten items are things you should always buy used, when feasible. You won’t give up value, but you will save cash, provided the items are in good condition. (I am not able to provide a link back, please consider my article anyway.)”

J.B. presents Save Money At The Bar By Using Practiced Methods, saying, “Here are some ways to save money at the bar without doing the obvious…and not going”

Jeremy Biberdorf presents Managing Your Finances On Your Travels, saying, “Life on the road can wipe out your life savings in what seems like no time at all. However, there are a few ways to reduce your costs so that you can travel for longer on less money, making your return that little bit easier.”

JD Blake presents Who Wins?: The ethics, risks, and practicalities of selling a structured settlement or other annuity stream, saying, “Having pension is good, but if you want to have cash, SYSS will arrange for the purchase of full or part of your annuity so you can use it almost immediately.”

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Author: Scott Skyles

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